I have been bouncing between two fragrances for most of my life, and with a very particular nose, it is very rare that I come across a scent that could possibly replace them.  Until while wondering the crowded aisles of this past Echo Park Craft Fair, I came across DASEIN.  I historically gravitate only towards pure feminine florals like Lily of the Valley, Rose, + Neroli, or entirely unisex grassy, green, mossy notes and it was in Dasien's WINTER I found my new scent.  An intoxicating blend of blue spruce, black cardamom, forest pine and french lavender.  Ever since, I've worn it daily and am sure to spray down my pillows and sheets before bed so that I can continue to enjoy the intoxication throughout my slumber. 

And I adore this sexy description of the blend ::

"Dasein's WINTER unisex fragrance aims to evoke the soul of the winter season -- the transition of making your way through cold forest night air into a haven of warmth and merriment with friends, which leaves you feeling wonderfully at peace.  That journey is concretized in the top notes of bright conifers (spruce & pine), which shift and warm into the heart note of cardamom spice, and finally settle into a base of soft lavender."

Dasein Fragrances are crafted in small batches by Sam Rader, in the hills of Glassell Park here in LA.  Inspired by the myriad of scents that weave together in the breezes of Big Sur and with a mission to capture and bottle its essence, she became a mixed-media perfumer, hand blending each and every bottle.  While her other fragrances AUTUMN, SPRING, + SUMMER are all equally divine, it was WINTER that transported me the most and won my heart.  It is an added bonus that all Dasein scents are paraben, glycol and cruelty free.