Over the last four months or so I have had the wonderful pleasure of trying out the entire PACIFIC line by TRUE NATURE BOTANICALS.  When I finally arrived back on the West Coast, I had the opportunity to meet TNB's creator + CEO Hillary Peterson and their Director of Community Relationships Kevin Dooley in person to learn more about the line, as well as get a chance to smell the new fragrance collection that was to be launching soon...(the Noble Woods is right up my forest scent obsession and the packaging is nothing less than brilliant.)

It was also fitting that I walked into their Mill Valley headquarters having just had a visit to my dermatologist the day prior armed with fresh pre-cancerous mole removal scars on my face.  I knew Hillary would get it, having been a Melanoma and Thyroid Cancer survivor.  Good to catch these things in their pre-cancerous state indeed.  But it also drove home how much I am so enamored by and drawn to companies, lines, creators + creations that are informed by a bit of a survival story, perhaps a battle, but most definitely a journey, that has inevitably created a bounty of knowledge that is meant to be shared with the world.  And that knowledge, Hillary's knowledge, is now woven into something really special + revolutionary within the beauty + wellness community.  She is so passionate about producing not only stunning skincare, but a line that is thoughtful on every level: from ingredient sourcing + safety, to scientific testing + clinical trials, to packaging + sales approach.

After she had to leave for a meeting, Kevin kindly took the time to run through every single product with me, pinpointing ingredients, sourcing and especially reviewing their impressive clinical trial results.  Click HERE to get an inside peak at some of their products in clinical studies up against on one of the biggest cremes in the toxic luxury skincare world: Creme de La Mer.

TRUE NATURE BOTANICALS, and specifically their PACIFIC line, is not only beautiful and smells like the most heavenly garden, but it is incredibly EFFECTIVE...completely change your skin effective.  Just to give you a bit of my skin background, I baked myself in the sun growing up...grew up on the beach in a time before sunscreen was really a thing, put baby oil + got out the tin foil in my teens, and continued on (while wearing maybe 10spf into my late 20's).  Until in my 30's, I started to catch on and really started to take better care of my skin. 

I will be 42 this month. 

Here is the other thing.  I've been very ill for quite some time.  I think my skin should look a bit differently than it does.  And yes, I did have some pre-cancerous scaryness removed.  But it's quite a strange thing to have people comment on how healthy my skin looks throughout my entire illness and treatment journey, a time you'd think your skin would be at its worst.  It looks even better lately after using all of their products regularly, and especially what I consider to be TNB's power duo (see below).

I adore the entire line, truly, but there are some real standout products for me and those are: 

PACIFIC EXFOLIATING CLEANSER :: this is a wonderful cleanser for all skin types that exfoliates naturally and gently using key ingredients that include a patented extract from the MUCOR MIEHEI mushroom for effective exfoliation without any harshness (this has also been shown in tests to increases stratum corneum (the outer layer of protective epidermis) replacement rates by more than 25% :: ADZUKI BEAN POWDER for loosening dead skin cells + imparting a fine polish :: CHAMOMILE POWDER + MANUKA HONEY for their calming, anti-inflammatory and skin smoothing properties.  *** My favorite way to use this cleanser is to apply, let it dry for a minute or so, and buff it off with my fingertips like a gommage.  Leaves my skin soft and perfectly prepped for next steps.***

PACIFIC FACE OIL :: again please refer to their impressive clinical trials + prepare to have your mind blown.  This hydrating and glow promoting oil is great for all skin types.  Packed with oils extracted from CHIA + KIWI SEEDS that provide the skin with cell membrane strengthening Omega-3 fatty acids :: PASSION FRUIT + PAPAYA SEED OILS for Omega 6 and 9, Vitamins A + C, and Potassium that have special enzymes to help dissolve excess sebum and impurities :: MARINE EFA's providing a high concentration of the all-important Omega-3 essential fatty acid known as EPA as well as DHA.

PACIFIC NIGHT SERUM w RETINOL + PACIFIC TOPICAL VITAMIN C TREATMENT :: use these two products together for a boosted overnight treatment that reduces fine lines + wrinkles, repairs sun damaged skin, increases collagen production, stimulates new cell formation, and brightens your entire complexion.  ***I have to say this is a power duo that I have been using for a few months now, ever since our meeting.  I was interested in how these would help my scars heal from my mole removal procedure.  I am ecstatic to say that there is absolutely no scarring or redness left over and I'm certain these two products helped in that healing process.  I've also noticed an overall evening of my skin tone and radiance that had not been there before.***   

Here is their explanation of Retinol, one of the key ingredients in the night serum, which I had always found confusing until chatting with Kevin:

"RETINOL, a derivative of the nutritious Vitamin A, is one of the few proven anti-aging ingredients to effectively stimulate collagen and in turn improve your skin’s elasticity and even out skin tone. But until now its cousin Retin-A has been the darling of dermatologists, even with all of the irritating and shiny side effects. Today, an innovative chitin-microencapsulation process changes all that—allowing the milder retinol to maintain its full potency over time so it can do all of the good stuff for your skin without the irritation and peeling." 

***The Vitamin C is in its freshest form possible and comes in capsules.  About 3-4/week after cleansing + toning, I gently pull apart 1 capsule and mix the powder thoroughly with a few pumps of the Night Serum and pat into my face + neck.  Any leftover goes onto my chest, earlobes, shoulders, and hands.  I follow this with their Face Oil.***