As I welcome in 2016, I am also preparing for a year filled with self care, nourishment on every level, and lots of cooking.  Finally in a proper kitchen where I can really get into my craft again, I have been deeply inspired by these cookbooks, some older, some brand new, and a few revamped.  So while navigating and curating my superior healing menu for 2016 I have been gravitating towards some beautiful recipes from each of these.

NOURISHING TRADITIONS :: an older standby that I am constantly referring to.  Presently making bone broth....again!

COCONUT KITCHEN :: I adore everything that the ever-healing coconut has to offer and simply can not wait to dive into this beautiful offering from Meredith Baird.

PLENTY MORE :: stunning photography and even more inspiring vegetable recipes.

NOURISH The PALEO HEALING COOKBOOK :: the Paleo way is certainly helping to heal my body.  This is my new go to for daily inspiration and ideas.

The New VEGETARIAN COOKING for EVERYONE :: an updated version with a bounty of wonderful vegetarian recipes.

AYURVEDIC HEALING CUISINE :: I pull from many wonderful + ancient healing systems and Ayurveda is one that helps to keep me in balance.  This cookbook is a perfect reference for curating my edible nourishment.