The seasonal transitioning of your skin from colder months into warmer months requires a bit of care.  Proper + regular exfoliation + moisturizing is key to prep your skin for Summer, the season of glow.  This has been my daily routine and what a difference I am seeing. 

PRE-SHOWER OR BATH :: DRY BRUSHING is not only an effective way to exfoliate, but it's also a tremendously healing Lymphatic Drainage treatment.  Plus it feels amazing.  I do this prior to every shower or bath.  Starting with the bottoms of my feet,  I do perhaps 5-10 strokes in each area, and move on to the next, working in upward strokes always towards the heart.

IN SHOWER :: JUSTBE WEEKLY BODY BUFF is the perfect body scrub to continue your exfoliation treatment.  Packed with antioxidant coffee + blended with soothing lavender and healing salts this leaves skin soft, smooth and hydrated.  Along with Dry Brushing, this is a great cellulite banisher. 

POST SHOWER OR BATH :: MOISTURE LOCK IN...along with my favorite Jiva-Apoha healing oils, I am devoted to these to powerfully moisturizing, skin healing products:

  • SUNPOTION'S SHEA BUTTER :: the ultimate SKIN FOOD, their Shea butter is 100% wildcrafted +  unrefined.  It balances skin PH, contains minerals, proteins, + essential fatty acids, and helps to open cells to draw moisture in + retain that hydration.

  • MAY LINDSTROM'S THE GOOD STUFF :: this decadent skin elixir combines the most nourishing plant oils with golden minerals that help revive your skin, restoring it to its fullest glow potential.  I apply when my skin is still wet for an extra lock on moisture.