It is SUMMER, and the weather here in LA is welcoming us into this more carefree season, while making us fully aware of Father Sun's presence.  While running errands in the valley yesterday it was a toasty 111 degrees, and as I made my way back home to the Canyon, temps fell to a balmy 106, which should have comparatively felt cooler, but still offered zero relief.  So the remainder of the day was spent inside with bare feet on my cool kitchen tiles, sipping on an assortment of chilled elixirs, until I realized that I was craving a popsicle...or many...stat.  So I whipped up a variety from my chilled green juices that I had made earlier in the week, along with this special refreshing Floral Pop with Rose + Hibiscus, along with an added dose Vitamin C + Pearl Powder for their skin glowing results.


TULSI TEA : supports the immune system | increases stamina and endurance | offers relief + protection from stress | is abundant in antioxidants

HIBISCUS TEA : anti- inflammatory | antibacterial | protects the liver | has anti-cancer properties | aids digestions | assists in weight managment

ROSE WATER : balances energy levels | improves your mood | opens the heart + promotes feelings of well being

VITAMIN C : see my post here

PEARL POWDER : see my post here


  • 10 oz cooled Rose Tulsi Tea
  •  2 oz cooled Hibiscus Tea - add more for a deeper red hue
  • 6 T Rose Water
  • 3 T Vitamin C Powder
  • 2 T Pearl Powder
  • 20 - 25 drops Omica Sweet Blossom Stevia
  • or honey to sweeten


Brew + cool teas.  Combine all ingredients into high speed blender.  Pour into pop molds.  Freeze for 3+ hour.  Enjoy!