Love Lists are back.  I have been making these for many years now, and for the last while, it has been just an internal mental list.  But I am so inspired by my finds these days, which has become even more vivid since my creativity has come back to life.  What a feeling.  I am a deeply, deeply creative person, so for that piece of me to be offline for so long, it felt like I might as well be dead.  So little by little over the last year as it has been coming back into light and even stronger than before, I just feel like I am on fire.  In a good way.  So here are few of the special items, recipes, rituals, reads, + events that I am indulging in + exploring this September.

ADORN :: it was 106 degrees in Topanga yesterday, so my Fall obsessions are still quite cemented in Summer and are circling variations on this look involving this amazing Doen dress, which I have worn daily since I received it and will wear over pants as the temperatures cool. These incredible Annie Costello Brown earrings.  And these Nomadic State of Mind sandals in camel, black, and sage green that cover my need for comfort + chic :: inexpensive enough to order all three shades!

PREPARE :: I adore this idea of prepping all your herb mixtures in olive oil ice cubes for easy cooking.

EXPLORE :: As I will be in Ojai this next week for treatment, I'll not likely have a ton of free time to cruise around, but I always appreciate a proper city guide.  Jenni Kayne's Rip + Tan's suggestions will be come in handy for spots that I haven't explored yet as I head up early for a teeny bit of free time.

NOURISH :: I am mixing up my normal rotation of homemade nut mylks with this divine Orange Blossom Pistachio Mylk.

RITUAL ::  I will be diving into a few more herb, flower, + crystal medicinal baths before I head off to Ojai for the week and surely even more when I return.  I can't get enough of this ritual as it has been supremely healing for my mind, body, + spirit.

READ :: As I head up to Ojai for a week of Neuroplasticity treatment, which I feel fully confident will be the final puzzle piece to my healing, I have just finished up Annie Hopper's Wired for Healing :: Remapping the Brain to Recover from Chronic Illness and Mysterious Illnesses in preparation.  This book sheds light on how trauma causes the brain to disorganize neural circuits and how the Dynamic Neural Retraining System remaps these neural pathways in the limbic system for a complete recovery from long-term illness.  THIS IS SUCH A VITAL COMPONENT TO FULL HEALING.  I have been experiencing excruciating daily pain, among a myriad of other debilitating symptoms, since getting Lyme Disease as a young girl, so it's crystal clear to me that those pathways are very, very deep, decades deep, and that new pathways must be formed in order to feel relief.  Also check out The Brain That Changes Itself :: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science by trailblazer Norman Doidge, M.D.

WATCH ::  I have been enamored by Netflix's CHEF'S TABLE FRANCE series.  Beyond inspiring.  A must watch. 

SPIRIT :: I have been switching up my normal blessing herb rotation with my beloved Copal.  This scent just transports, grounds, + invigorates me all at once.  Is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and strengthens the immune system.