Every day is a perfect time to initiate a shift towards a higher vibration.

A time to get back in touch with your mind, body, + soul’s purpose.  To examine what parts of you are in need of some nurturing. 

A time to RE.LEASE + RE.NEW.  

After many years of training in various healing modalities, I am honored to infuse my knowledge into this one-on-one transformative offering + experience :: a 90-minute session where we unite muscular therapy, deep pranayama release, and reiki energy with chakra alignment, crystal laying, sound healing, and medicinal-grade essential oils for a profoundly insightful + revitalizing session for the mind, body + spirit. 

I am here to guide, support + empower you along your journey.

Our customized sessions and work together includes:

  • a comprehensive review of your symptoms + goals
  • gaining clarity around habits that no longer serve you + how to mindfully shift those low vibrational patterns
  • raising your awareness of energy blocks within your chakras + body and the tools to recharge those areas
  • self care protocols + rituals to enhance your healing
  • massage combined with ::
    • deeply healing pranayama
    • reiki energy work
    • energy freeing scar work
    • crystal laying
    • sound healing
    • Biomat far infrared therapy
    • healing oil + medicinal-grade essential oils


  • release toxic emotional blocks that are no longer serving you
  • help to process grief + passed traumas
  • release stagnant energy
  • help to ease chronic pain
  • reduce stress, anxiety, depression, + dis-ease
  • increase your focus, clarity, + wellbeing
  • creates a state of balance in your mind, body, + soul

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