"So whatever it is that you dream of doing (creating, traveling, loving, inventing, transforming) just do it. Don't worry if you're the 100th person to do it. Just do it, anyhow, and be sure that you bring the highest purity of intention to your pursuit. Act from a place of your deepest authenticity, and the rest of it will take care of itself…"

Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic :: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Everything has been done before.  There have been chefs and recipe developers and nutrition experts and healers and ancient remedies and photographers and designers and women's circles, etc for ever and ever.  And there will be until we cease to occupy this earth.  There will always be someone who is creating something similar to you or taking photos with the same filter + style or painting with the same materials or wearing the same hat or discovering the latest supplement that you've also just discovered for yourself or writing the same type of program. 

Here is the brilliant fact about creativity and ideas routed in authenticity :: they are delivered from your heart.  And your heart is 100% original.  There is always enough space.  Let me rephrase this :: there is infinite space in our realm to embark on the really delicious, juicy, rich creative projects and ideas that have blossomed from your pure intention + passion.  So who cares if someone is doing something similar.  Don't let anyone question your soul's work and purpose.  Ever. 

Love.  Create.  And be you.