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Crazy stress...illness...and alas, my hair started to fall out.  Gratefully, on my green, healing, organic beauty warrior path I came across Phylia [de. M]. SO, so gratefully.

I have been using their products for about 3 months now, and not only has my hair grown about 4-5 inches, there is significant re-growth in areas that were thinning.  And my entire mane feels healthier and stronger than ever before.  The absolute best part of it: it's completely organic, with a nourishing blend of aloe, tannic acid, and their signature ingredient of Fulvic Acid, which provides nutrients to scalp and nerves while removing excess toxins.   Their products and mission fit perfectly into my organic-only, healing beauty regime.

I started simply with the CONNECT treatment and used that for the first 2 months.  I just added in the RECONNECT.  And WOW.  I am just blown away by the results.  It's a bit pricy, but I don't spend my money on expensive haircuts and coloring anymore, so it's worth it.

Here's a review of the science behind it:

"Dr. Miyayama, M.D. has created a proprietary organic formula, which activates cell regeneration and restores keratin production in the follicle and hair.

Once, we all had the ability to grow great hair. But as we mature, emotional, environmental, and physical stresses directly affect capillaries along the scalp. As these begin to grow thin, they are unable to supply sufficient keratin, an essential building block for health, to hair follicles.

Lack of keratin can result in irregularities in the condition of our hair, skin, and nails. In hair, this lack can interrupt growth and cause thinning. This regressive process sometimes results in nerves disconnecting completely from follicle.

Phylia de M. works to maintain keratin supply and encourages a healthy and stable nerve-to-follicle connection, allowing vital keratin to be carried through follicles and out into optimum hair fibers.

With time, Phylia de M. has the ability to reprogram cell memory and encourage cells, follicles, and scalp to remain in a healthy active growth phase, rather than regress irregularly into hair loss and nerve disconnection."

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