Winter skin is usually in need of some help and extra exfoliation.  I just remade a batch of this and its results of dewy, moisturized skin is all I need.  Plus the smell is so heavenly,  just the combination of the brown sugar, coffee, and lemon together...This scrub is divine and nothing beats smooth skin and that glow that comes with it.  I use this at least three times a week in my shower and follow up with a little bit more coconut oil after getting out.


INGREDIENTS | 1 C Coffee | 1 C Organic Brown Sugar | ½ C Fresh Lemon Juice or essential oil of your choice | ½ C Extra Virgin Coconut Oil | 4 T Manuka Honey or Local Honey

PROCESS | Simply combine all ingredients in a glass container that has a good lid.  |  I’ll sometimes add some Epsom Salts and aromatherapy oil/s of my choice.  |  Keep this container in the shower and use this to exfoliate your entire body once a week, starting with your feet and working your way up.  |  It ends up being a really effective lymph massage as well.  **Note: this scrub is a bit too harsh for your face.