Omica Organics, you make my heart sing with your new game changing Stevia flavors.  And my strict anti-sugar Candida diet that much easier to adhere to.  All the delightful sweetness without the typical bitter after taste.  And these flavors....

"Omica Organics' Liquid Stevias are naturally highly-concentrated direct extracts.  Created using our proprietary revolutionary TruExtract™ production method, this is un-reconstituted from white powdered Stevia Extract (unlike other liquid stevia products that are reconstituted from dehydrated stevia). This is a true liquid extract that has not been spray-dried, and only slightly filtered, leaving the beneficial micronutrients intact. The result is an aromatic, dynamic sweetness without the bitterness associated with other stevia products."

THE VANILLA :: just the most divine vanilla scent + flavor.  Heightens all dishes, but especially those with raw cacao.

THE SWEET BLOSSOM :: how did you get that sweet scent in there?  This is the most perfect compliment for iced teas....think a gorgeous batch of Rose Tulsi with 1 T of Rose Water and a few drops of Sweet Blossom....just so beautiful.  Also gives an interesting floral upgrade to your typical green smoothie.  Do give it a try!

THE BUTTERSCOTCH TOFFEE :: One of my most favorite flavors on this earth, I simply can't resist this one in the morning.  In my Anandamide + Cacao Smoothie, in my occasional bullet proof coffee, in my raw caramel sauce, chia puddings...I mean there are simply no words.