MATCHA + ASHITABA CHIA w Strawberry Pine Pollen Glaze

I'm super thrilled to share that I will be a monthly contributor to The Chalkboard and the following is my first recipe for them. 

It’s 95 degrees. It’s muggy. It’s slow-moving, slow-living time.

I keep my food simple, clean, on the cooler side and mostly raw during these steamy months. Whenever I get that craving for old-school tapioca, I now turn to chia puddings – and just for this late summer heat, add in some of my favorite superfoods and tonic herbs to up its healing powers.  I added matcha green tea for its high fiber content, to boost metabolism, to help with detoxification, to calm and enhance my mood and to help fight viruses and bacteria. I combined that with some ashitaba, a wonderful source of B12, a skin nourisher, digestive tonic and spirit lifter. To finish it off, I added my favorite strawberry glaze – with a touch of hormone-supporting and liver-detoxifying pine pollen.

Do head on over to The Chalkboard for the full recipe.