M.PARKE BEAUTY | Josh Rosebrook

So for my upcoming passion project I've been testing, testing, testing.  This process has been quite magical as I have come across some really beautiful souls, crafting some seriously high vibrational products.  

Finally after trying many a natural shampoo + conditioner on this frazzled mop of mine, I have found what I consider to be the absolute BEST...Josh Rosebrook has created a shampoo + conditioner with completely pure, all natural, organic, thoughtfully sourced ingredients to give you a thoroughly clean, shiny, bouncy, manageable mane. Did I say shiny? Put your shine sprays away. No need. Tangles are my gig, as my hair is super summered and suffering from years of over processing blonde. And perhaps those times I ventured to dark brown + red and the traumatizing process to return to blonde. Whoops. I have gone through many moments where I should shave it off and start fresh.


No longer.


This shampoo doesn't give you quite the foamy lather that can be so satisfying with regular shampoo, but you are very quickly reminded that those foaming properties in other shampoos are chemicals that no one needs in their shower or anywhere near their body. And the end result is total proof that his products are cleaning and hydrating epically better than their chemical laden counterparts.