There is a bit of a "mean girl" mentality happening in the food world that I'm having little patience for.  I'm having a distasteful moment for trenders who completely alienate others for trying their best to decipher what works for them in the very challenging food arena.


I appreciate passion; obesession, not so much.  "You're not allowed in our group because we only eat nasturtiums and you eat peanut butter" type of stuff.  Or "I'm sorry I can't even entertain the idea of having a conversation with you because you are not 100%, 100% of the time, paleo"....Huh?  Case in point: I had a vegetarian friend completely unfriend me because she was disgusted that my body absolutely needs meat to survive.


I believe in EATING INTUITIVELY and I have learned more and more over the years to listen carefully to what my body + mind is needing for nourishment.  With that said, there had been something missing for quite a while in my diet that I hadn't been able to pinpoint, until only the last few years.  This would lead me to trying many different foods, food movements, combinations, temperatures, cleanses, elimination programs, etc.


**Side Note: With the rant above in place, I do want to emphasis that the products, recipes, supplements, treatments, therapies, and whatever else I share with you about what I am doing with my body, are meant only to be information to enhance your own research and experiences.  I have found some things that work really well for me over this crazy journey, and it's simply my intention to share my experiments in the hopes that it will benefit someone else, somewhere, somehow.