My musings about hair continue.  Mostly because I just cut bangs in a fit of needing change and it t'was a mistake.  They were fun for 5 minutes and now it's time for them to grow long again.  Healthy, strong, shining hair is a direct reflection of our internal nourishment of course.  But here are my picks to help stimulate the growth pace and ensure beautiful, thick locks.

CLEANSE + CONDITION :: JOSH ROSEBROOK :: Josh is a hair guru.  I adore his totally pure + organic Shampoo + Conditioner that help to cleanse and detoxify the scalp, while using nut, seed, + plant oils along with herbal infusions to moisturize and encourage strong hair growth.  His entire line of hair care are wonderful additions to your locks arsenal.

INTERNAL NOURISHMENT :: HE SHOU WU :: this longevity, anti-aging tonic is also a beauty + rejuvenation food, nourishing the blood, skin + hair.  It increases circulation to the scalp, is super high in antioxidants, and provides nutrients for healthy hair growth.

SCALP HEALTH :: PHYLIA de. M CONNECT + RECONNECT :: thick, healthy, shiny, strong hair is rooted in follicle health.  Phylia de. M's core proprietary blend of Aloe, Tannic Acid, + Fulvic Acid absorbs into the scalp and encourages cells to repair, renew, and supply essential Keratin to the follicles.  My hair has grown longer than it's ever been with these two all time favorite products.

EXTRA MOISTURE :: ACURE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER :: Sun, wind, salt water, + harsh tap water can strip and dehydrate hair.  I use this Argon Oil packed leave in treatment a few times a week to give my hair a dose of weightless moisture and and shine.

WEEKLY MASK + SCALP MASSAGE ::  CASTOR + COCONUT OIL :: Combine 1T of each and massage into scalp.  Leave on for 30-45 minutes.  It's quite thick so it usually takes 2 shampoos to wash out.  I use this deeply hydrating mask once a week along with an invigorating scalp massage to increase circulation, moisturize, and stimulate hair growth.  **I also apply this mixture to my lashes and brows at night before bed.