I've recently made some additions to my healing protocol that are providing some much needed nourishment and detoxification support.

WILD MAINE BLUEBERRIES :: I have been adding in some simple additions + suggestions from Anthony William, the Medical Medium.  Tips from our recent conference call that he did with the Lyme Less Live More group that I am a part of.  Wild Maine Blueberries were a hot topic.  I've been eating regular, organic berries for years, missing out on the wild component.  According to Anthony, "Wild blueberries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They are excellent liver and blood cleansers, and are vital to the health of eyes and the digestive tract.  Wild blueberries also have the ability to repair tissues and cells and keep the immune system strong."

CBD OIL :: Living with daily chronic pain has been the only existence I've known for as long as I can remember.  Throbbing, stabbing, shooting, deep, aching, complete body pain that would affect my joints, muscles, and bones.  All stemming from a very late diagnosis of Lyme Disease and then also because my neuro pathways knew nothing else.  I literally did not have a memory that I could access of my body not in complete mindblowing discomfort.  And I did not have the strength, energy, or wisdom at the time to begin training my pathways to create new pathways and new bodily sensations that had nothing to do with pain.  And when you are IN IT, in such excruciating pain that you can't even think straight, that no medicine, natural or otherwise can touch, you begin to live in a dark, very low vibrational space.  So when one of my healers suggested CBD Oil, I did not hesitate.  It has helped tremendously with managing my daily pain. 

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF CBD OIL :: Pain relief | Suppressing appetite | Reducing vomiting + nausea | Reducing contractions in small intestine | Relieves anxiety | Helps to reduce anxiety| Suppresses muscle spasms | Increases efficacy of the immune system | Reduces blood sugar levels | Reduces nervous system degeneration | Treats psoriasis | Reduces risk of artery blockage | Kills or slows bacterial growth | Treats fungal infection | Inhibits cell growth in tumors + cancer cells | Promotes bone growth

FAITH + MAGIC :: hanging on to the little bits of magic that appear daily.

UNSWEETENED CRANBERRY JUICE :: increases the acidic level in your intestines, which works to control and eliminate parasites.

SHAPE HOUSE :: it's intense.  Way more intense than a far infrared sauna or a session on my Biomat, but it is powerfully effective in helping me get rid of the die off and toxins that build up in my system from my other herbal treatments. 

SPROUTED PUMPKIN SEEDS :: a divinely nutritious snack and addition to soups + salads, but these seeds are also armed with high levels of compounds known as Cucurbitins that help to paralyze intestinal parasites.