As we ease into cooler temperatures, even with an Indian Summer heat wave potential, my a.m. concoctions have begun to take on a warmer temp as well to soothe the chill that now blissfully accompanies us in the mornings.  Fall is simply one of the most divine seasons for the senses.  Finally being able to wrap up in your favorite sweater…celebrating all the gorgeous seasonal produce and new flavors that the farmer’s markets offer…the vivid colors of leaves turning…the smell of earthy cool air.

The cooler it gets the cozier I need to be, and there’s really not much more cozy and celebratory of the season than hot chocolate.  I like mine smooth, sweet, with a bit of spice, and really chocolaty.  This recipe, however, packs a healing punch and is meant to be savored and sipped slowly. 

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and lends an earthy flavor.  Gynostemma Tea is an adaptogen + stress modulator, and is widely known to be a spirit lifter.  Cacao soothes the nervous system + has anti-inflammatory properties.  Tocos are detoxifying, nourish the connective tissue, and are a wonderful source of Vitamin E.  Gelatin is packed with amino acids, high in protein, aids in detoxification, and supports joint and bone health.  Colostrum boosts the immune system.  While my favorite warming spices Cinnamon and Cayenne stimulate the metabolism, and Cardamom improves circulation. 



FOR A HINT OF MINT :: replace Toffee Stevia with a few drops of Herb Pharm’s Peppermint Spirits.


  • Soak chia for one hour in nut mylk of choice. 
  • Brew Gynostemma + Turmeric teas together in one pot.
  • Add all ingredients to high speed blender. 
  • Sprinkle top with cacao nibs + pinch extra cinnamon.  Savor.