Detox baths have been a major player in my healing.  My body's ability to detoxify on its own has been greatly diminished by having Lyme Disease, as well as having the MTHFR gene (another complicated post).  For this reason, I rely heavily on daily wellness practices like dry brushing, Far Infrared Saunas, liver flushes, drinking alkaline water, and exercise that induces a good, proper sweat. I tailor my baths to exactly what my body is needing that day, whether that may be simple relaxation, a highly effective pain reliever, a good sweat release, or a deeper cellular detoxification.  The following is one of my weekly soaks.

FRESH GINGER ROOT | if I'm unable to fit in a sauna, using fresh ginger in my bath is a brilliant way to induce a really intense sweat.  Even after the bath is over, you may continue to sweat, which just further enhances your opportunity for a great toxin release.  Be sure to replenish lost electrolytes!


  • grate 1/2 cup of fresh ginger
  • or you can use 3 T rounded of organic ginger powder
  • soak for 20 minutes if possible
  • be sure to drink plenty of water during and after your bath

**A SIDENOTE | for those of you at the starting point of your detox routine, this bath can be used as a footbath, which is a wonderful place to begin before building up to full tub.  If you are just getting introduced to detox full baths, please start by spending less time and building up slowly to the 20-30 minutes.  Go at your own pace.