I have been receiving a message over the last years + especially these last months.  

A constant + clear message that I now realize I had not been fully grasping + not fully listening to until this week.  My body, mind, + spirit have been collectively, and very obviously, letting me know that I have been too harsh + too hard on them.  I would always brush off my reactions to EVERYTHING as the illness or the treatment or part of the road to recovery or just my "not so new normal".  However, our bodies DO KNOW and mine finally let me know LOUDLY this last month and even louder in these last few weeks + days.  And I am finally listening. 

My theme of the moment, and forever more, is GENTLE.  Gentle, gentle, gentle...on every level. 

With myself, with my journey, with my healing, with my body, with my diet, with my mind, with my spirit, with my surroundings, with others.