As I continue to fully embrace my gentle + peaceful journey towards deeper healing, I have been revitalizing + elevating my daily dry brush ritual with this amazing duo to facilitate gentle detoxing.  Detoxing does not have to be painful, cause extreme unbearable + relentless herx reactions, or send you to the ER to be effective...one of a slew of valuable realizations + phases of learning from my last couple of months.

Living Libation's gentle but so invigorating ENERGY BRUSH is made with bronze bristles that contain copper + zinc encouraging ions to be directly absorbed through the skin.  Other dry brushes have always been way to rough for me and I was a bit skeptical when I was initially introduced to this creation at their Venice store opening recently.  The moment I tried it, however, I was hooked and my skin + lymphatic system was too.   I use it every morning with a few drops of their Lymph+ Tonic, a circulation-enhancing blend of essential oils that assist in lymphatic flow.  I also rub a few drops of this potion directly onto my the lymph nodes around my neck and ear area, which has always been a particularly clogged area for me, for additional drainage.

Here is a review of the gorgeous ingredient list :: info from Living Libations.

CYPRESS :: (Cypress sempervirens) provides structure and clarity, and supports the lymphatic system by helping it nourish cells and excrete wastes from the body. Strengthening and tonifying, cypress encourages forward motion, grounds the spirit in practicality, and protects the delicate connective tissues of the nervous system.

ROSEMARY :: (Rosmarinus officinalis) stimulates the lymphatic system, clarifies the body and refreshes the mind. Rosemary also increases blood flow to the brain, enhances the firmness and luminosity of skin, and improves memory function.

LAUREL :: (Laurus nobilis) is an ancient tonic that has long been associated with nobility and grace. Laurel is particularly renowned for its incredible effects on both the immune system and lymphatic system.

EUCALYPTUS :: (Eucalyptus globulus) supports the lymphatic system by protecting it from bacteria and viruses. It’s also a wonderful stimulant that contains antimicrobial and pain relieving properties.

YARROW :: (Achillea millefolium) is a rich, deep blue oil that contains incredibly high levels of Azulene, a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Yarrow revitalizes and strengthens the skin, veins, and all of the body’s major systems. In Chinese medicine, yarrow epitomizes the perfect balance between yin and yang.