Slowly easing out the other side of my intensive journey with late stage Lyme Disease, it is my goal to educate as much as possible in the hopes that others will not have to go down similar dead ends.  One promise, or goal, I made to myself through this insanity was to not live in fear of ticks and potential new tick bites if I ever felt well enough to venture into the woods again.  Well since Yula Rose has come bounding into my life, we have been going on daily hikes whether I feel well or not.  She is such a beautiful motivator and honestly, getting out into the fresh, clean air has been more healing to me than any supplement.  Soaking in all that energy, filling my lungs with fresh prana, reciting mantras, listening, meditating, getting into the flow of has become a huge part of my daily rejuvenating protocol. 

But those ticks.  It's really tough to keep them out of your mind, and no matter how beautiful the scenery, my thoughts return to how abundant and challenging and deceptive and terrifying they can be.  And yes, they are the transmitters of the multi-systemic infectious disease Lyme, in addition to other vicious + debilitating co-infections and viruses such as Babesia, Ehrlichia, Mycoplasma, Anaplasma, + Bartonella, all which wreak havoc on every system in the body.  It's a challenge not to be living in a state of absolute constant fear, especially when you have pets who may sleep in your bed, potentially bringing these critters a bit closer while you sleep. 

Yula and I have been on the hunt for an all-natural tick repellent for 1. so that we can both stay healthy with out the toxic chemicals, and 2. so I can have a sense of security while we wander about on our nature jaunts.  We have been trying out this specific formula for the year we spent back on the East coast (ticks are EVERYWHERE, in EVERY SINGLE state, but MA is especially inundated with them) and now that we are living in Topanga.  

Here is a some more insight into ticks and their hunting strategy.  They operate by using their sense of smell.  They do not have the ability to jump.  Instead, they do something called "questing", which is when they climb to the end of a leaf, stick, blade of grass, or plant and wait to smell the scent of their prey to near.  They are able to sense a victim coming closer through their front pair of legs which have what are called Haller's organs.  From these they are able to detect smell, temperature + movement, knowing that you are coming.  Interestingly what has also been discovered is that they do not like certain of them is that of Rose Geranium Essential Oil.  And specifically the one with the botanical name Pelargonium capitatum x radens It is more powerful than the more popular Rose Geranium.

Both the Apple Cider Vinegar and Witch Hazel also act as repellents to ticks and other insects as well. 

We have both been completely 100% tick free.  Not one has been found.  This doesn't mean that we won't still take the same precautions as always:  stay on trail as much as possible, wear long pants, high socks, brush her as soon as we return to the car, and inspect myself.  But the fear factor has subsided greatly which makes for a much more joy-filled adventure. 


DIRECTIONS :: Fill spray bottle with equal parts Witch Hazel + Almond Oil.  Shake.  Add 2 t of ACV.  Shake again.  Add 20-30 drops of Rose Geranium Oil.  Shake to incorporate all ingredients. 

FOR HUMAN PROTECTION :: Spray any exposed areas.  Especially ankles, wrists, and around collarbone + neck. 

FOR DOGS :: Safe for dogs 12 weeks and older.  Use away from the face and nose as much as possible as they are so sensitive to scent.  But this is great around the neck and ears, front and back legs, and belly.  Be sure to brush through.  And at the end of your trail hike, be sure to brush through again right away to double check.