The concept of earthing is a relatively new one for me.  Or I suppose actually calling it EARTHING.  I really just heard folks calling it that only a few years ago.  As I child I grew up playing outside...in the forest, on the beach, barefoot, carefree...it was never called anything but play.  But as I grew and was called towards concrete jungles for career, my nature play became less and less frequent.  Although on the weekends, we'd hike or ski or swim, during the weekday it was more about fake lighting and recycled air on the 10th floor of some building in the center of a busy city. 

This intensive Lyme healing journey that I am currently on is no joke.  Had I known the lengthy road I was taking ahead of time, I may have done a few things a bit differently.  One of the most powerful medicines for me however, is returning to nature, barefoot - daily.  When I am out in nature, touching my bare foot to the earth, perhaps sand or rock or grass, or even the pebbles at the beach, the surge of healing energy is palpable.  There is a shift, a cleansing perhaps, and a clarity that comes.  I've even been meditating lately on the grass and that has felt otherworldly at times.  VIBRANT.  If a day or two goes by that I am not feeling well and not able to get out, wow, is it obvious.  I feel more sludgy, more foggy, increased pain, more symptomatic overall.  So I've made a commitment to daily earthing, even if it's just sitting on the grass playing with Yula. 

For those of you healing from severe illness, I invite you to incorporate this into your daily protocols and tap into the powerful universal healing energies available to you.