We had a few consecutive days of 97+ degrees in Topanga recently that wiped me out.  I was not prepared.  And ever since, even though the temperatures have evened out, my skin has been inflamed.  So while I am also pursuing some major anti inflammatory internal dietary changes including a fast followed by a few months of the autoimmune/paleo diet to prepare my body for some exciting things to come, I also created this topical toner to calm, hydrate, and de.flame my outer layer.


  • infuse 2 bags each of White Tea + Turmeric Tea overnight in the fridge
  • fill toner spray bottle 3/4 of the way with infusion :: drink what is left over
  • next fill the remainder of the bottle 1/2 way with Liquid Aloe Vera of choice :: I use George's Aloe
  • and finally fill the remainder with your favorite Rose Water.  I prefer Rose Water with Glycerin to help my skin stay extra hydrated.
  • keep in the fridge if possible for extra cooling
  • spray liberally