Bee Venom Therapy

Bees are magical, fascinating creatures. And so productive. Honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis...they create absolutely miraculous medicinal gifts. I had heard about Bee Venom Therapy many years ago as a remedy for pain and arthritic conditions. So when I tracked down Acupuncturist Tamara Wolfson, aka, The Bee Healer, I knew I had found the right practitioner to work with. My daily pain levels at this point have become unbearable, and after an interesting adventure/"one for the books" experience/experiment with medical marijuana (another post), I was more than ready to try this.

Excited, but a bit nerve wracked about what to expect, Tamara coached me gently through the entire process. She has such an irresistible passion and respect for bees, it was truly wonderful just to listen to her recount her 15+ year experience using their medicine.

In her treatments she uses live bees, which are more effective than using needle injections of already extracted bee venom. After a thorough exam and some massage, she placed her regular acupuncture needles where my immune system was needing the most healing. We then decided to give one bee a try. The plan was to start slow to see how my body reacted. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I was face down, so I couldn't actually see the bee. However, she had brought in a jar filled with them from her own private hive so there was much buzzing happening...which got significantly louder as she brought one bee closer to the back of my neck at C7 where we had agreed to start. She placed the bee just as she would a needle and ZAP. WOW, DEFINITELY A STING. It stung like CRAZY. You really do forget about being stung many times growing up, until now, yes, when all those memories flood right back. CRYSTAL, CRYSTAL CLEAR.

The site continued to sting very strongly for about 5-10 minutes. Lots of deep breathing. Then it throbbed. And stung and throbbed intermittently. It was then that I felt the venom spreading and my body's army reacting and resisting, bringing its own forces to the area, flooding it with oxygen and blood.

Bee Venom Therapy

We did just 2 bees for the first treatment. Again, slow to start, so that I could really notice the effects that would continue over the next 2-3 days. As I left her office, I could move my neck for the first time in I don't know how long. It felt "unlocked". That's the only way to describe it.

Over the weekend, I have definitely felt really sore and really tired, which I expected because with Lyme, there is always the die off reaction, where you get worse before you get better. And bee venom is also powerful anti-spirochette! The sting sites are inflamed, painful, and itchy, also as expected. But I feel really excited and positive and am looking forward to my next treatment on Tuesday. There is a cumulative effect, so the more venom, the more anti-inflammatory response.

**FACT | Bee Venom contains "Peptide 401" which is believed to be 100 times more powerful than cortico-steroids.**

HOW IT WORKS | Bee venom has a powerful stimulating effect on the circulatory system. Increased blood, lymph and oxygen are key components in focusing the body’s healing attention to a particular somatic region. In addition, by opening the capillary walls, venom facilitates improved elimination of toxins and metabolic waste matter in the tissue as increased activation occurs at the sting site. This increased circulation and intensified oxygenation also helps to destroy bacterial growth enabling a return to greater balance and homeostasis.

Bee venom is a rich source of enzymes, peptides and biogenic amines. There are at least 18 active components in the venom which have been shown to have significant benefit to the human body. Bee venom’s healing properties are presently being studied internationally.

HEALING PROPERTIES | Anti-inflammatory | Immune stimulant | Antioxidant | Radiation protection | Anti-bacterial | Anti-fungal | Supportive for the nervous system | Analgesic effect | Improves psychological state, memory and sleep | Helps to reduce alcohol and nicotine addiction | Improves cerebral blood flow | Bronchodilator | Expectorant | Vasodilator | Anti -coagulant | Improves gastric and bowels peristalsis | Stimulates enzymes, gastric juice and bile production | Produces anti-spastic effect | Stimulates liver function | Improves production of corticosteroids by adrenal glands | Supports normalization of thyroid gland and sex glands activity


MELETIN | Approximately 50% of honey bee venom is comprised of melettin. Melettin has a profound neuro-hormonal and immunological effect on the body. It primarily stimulates the hypothalamus in the brain to release corticotropin releasing hormone which triggers the pituitary gland to secrete adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) to the adrenal cortex which then reproduces glucocorticoid. Ultimately, stimulation of the hypophyseal-adrenal system produces cortisol, the body’s natural anti-inflammatory. Cortisol prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. It stimulates gluconeogenesis (the breakdown of protein and fat to provide metabolites that can be converted to glucose in the liver) and it activates anti-stress and anti-inflammatory pathways. Melittin also stabilizes the lysosome cell membrane, protecting against inflammation and slows the production of interleukin-1 which has been correlated to both arthritic pain and inflammation.

APAMIN | a mood elevator and anti-inflammatory. It works like melittin to produce cortisone and inhibit inflammation.

MAST-CELL DEGRANULATION PEPTIDE 401 | a potent anti-inflammatory, 100 times more effective than hydrocortisone in reducing inflammation, blocks arachidonic acid production and inhibits prostaglandin synthesis.

ADOLAPIN | anti-inflammatory and pain killer. It inhibits microsomal cyclooxygenase and is 70 times stronger than indomethacin, inhibits platelet lipoxygenase - and thromboxane and prostacycline which are activated during inflammation.

PROTEASE INHIBITORS | inhibits carrageenin, prostaglandin E1, bradykin, and histamine induced inflammations.

DOPAMINE | controls the brain pleasure center, motivation, pleasure.

NOREPINEPHRINE | important neurotransmitter regulating heart rate, suppresses neuro-inflammation, increases blood flow to skeletal muscles.

CONDITIONS APITHERAPY TREATS | Arthritis | Asthma | Bursitis | Tendinitis | Lyme Disease | Surgical scars | MS | Lupus | Shingles | Bell's Palsy | Mood Disorders | Fibromyalgia | Raynaud’s Disease | Chronic Fatigue | Herniated Discs | Neuropathy | Numbness | Poor Circulation | Pulled Muscles & Cramping | Carpal Tunnel | Sciatica

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