One thing I have learned from desert living is that it forces you to strengthen your relationship with each element . as for FIRE, we have made some really amazing progress this year . this burn marks a really proud moment for me and I will wear its scar as a badge of honor . this will sound strange to some, but i have had an extreme fear of fire since I was young . not fully clear why, however I have some deeply rooted memories of being burned, perhaps in another life or many lives . so in this lifetime, I didn’t even learn to light a match until I was 36 . can you believe? . I had never started a fire from scratch and certainly had never tended a fire lovingly throughout the day or for continuous days . UNTIL THIS YEAR . our desert cabin’s only source of heat is a small wood burning stove . when Sie would return home I would happily turn the fire tending duties over to him . but as the chilly days drew out, I slowly began to welcome the days when I had to take over . it has become so beautifully satisfying to start a fire from nothing and continue to feed it throughout the day and sometimes throughout the night, leaning in to the perfect timing + ventilation for the ideal warming blaze . this burn will serve as a stunning reminder of our newfound relationship + the fact that I am now willing to get closer.

And as winter closes and spring is here, now I have the time to devote to my work with AIR, or more specifically the CRAZY MAKING DESERT WIND . it remains at a WTF for me for the moment, good heavens it brings up so much . more soon ...

Melissa Rousseau